Arguments All Engaged Couples Must Have

Arguments All Engaged Couples Must Have

The stresses and strains of the big day can sometimes cause a little friction with your loved ones from time to time. It's okay if you have a few little tiffs or dare we say heated debates over certain elements of the wedding in the lead up to it. There isn't a bride out there who hasn't argues with her fiance over elements of the wedding so don't feel alone. We have compiled a list of arguments you are probably going to have in the next year or two so relax and be prepared for them.

1. Money
This is the argument that every single engaged couple in the world is going to have. You want to spend a lot of money on the venue: they want to spend a lot of money on the photographer or vice versa. Whatever the situation, this argument is definitely going to happen. The best way to deal with this, like most arguments, is to compromise. Take whatever amount of money it is and split it down the middle, half and half. This way you both get an equal share to spend on whatever specific aspect you want. 

2. The Groom's Involvement
More often than not, the groom will be more involved in planning the honeymoon than the wedding. If you're happy to plan everything yourself, then this fine and you probably won't have an argument at all. But if not, you're going to end up putting your foot down and making him participate. This could be difficult and may cause some tension depending on how against the idea he is, but in the end it's better as it relieves some of the stress from your shoulders.

3. Family
Another common argument. One of you (or both) keep adding to the guest list without thinking about the cost of it all. You may need to sit down and sort out the guest list to accommodate your budget, even if it means crossing a lot of guests off the list.

4. Your Pasts
Sometimes before the wedding, there is a likely chance that there is going to be some sort of argument about something or someone that happened in one or both of your pasts. It's best to get this one out of the way before you're married so that there's no bad blood heading into your married life. 

5. Location
The location of the wedding can mean a lot to you and your partner. But if you and your partner both want the wedding  in different places then this can lead to a lot of heated discussions. If you both want it in a place that's special and meaningful to your childhoods for example, and they happen to be different places, then you will have to compromise and come up with some solution. This could also happen if your partner is originally from somewhere abroad and wants the ceremony in their own country so that all the family can be there. 

6. Bridezilla
You mightn't realise how you're acting leading up to the wedding, but your partner probably will. If you're acting like bridezilla this can cause some big arguments between you two. If your partner pulls you on your behaviour, just try and tone it down a bit, even if you are stressed. In the end, your happiness is what matters on the day and not how perfect and flashy everything can look.

7. Other People
Wedding planning can be stressful enough and when family and friends over step the mark it can cause a bit of trouble in paradise. Although they mean well, it's best to make all decisions yourselves without the influence of a slightly over powering aunt or future sister-in-law. Work together and listen to each other's ideas and remember that it should be a special day, not a stressful one!

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